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tv   European Journal  PBS  February 9, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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the will. books are like your restaurant. the heart of your age. ch. what's it like a water shortage intercontinental ahmadi chess. sponsored by snow queen organic law. i want dessert like the diplomat
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hotel accommodation in the heart of most common cause. i didn't. the end the on going and to meet americans likely to get next day. i like da incentives cost is enormous country four times the size of texas the nytimes decide if it's below the appellant's trial
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says the states. it is painted like a no cost in tune with the kids cutting communications satellites relocating to the international space station of the stand off into the heavens. the stale bread that has stunned and not to stand up make snowman. with the fourth biggest new gear on snow in the world continue to meet his aunt emily just like this with the help from the united states. all the different to die. among the most discredited going to protest or could it be can it really just tired since it relates to the christians the end of the my nineteenth week to praise baby seems that don't include eastern country sadly the only thing most americans do seem to get out of town. in the fifty two who are outside playing. gracie is antisemitic the theme. my sense of the impending doom attitudes with and after twenty minutes. just like to me the cds each other that was in office spokesman to cast stones foreign ministry says his government is actually grateful to
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the british comedian to make his mates defendants. it's unfortunate that the not know much about catholics. in that sense i went out for a movie with the cats about seven years ago catholic style was so obscure absolutely unknown country the majority of the world of books on warrant was sort of phone calls to talk to people outside. and if that sounds keep that our country on the matter. in terms of substance was of course has nothing to do with gothic style apart from the knee. as you would see futsal causes them to come to our country our coach is completely different. more secular. ah economically frightening political development society which we won a ring to the world. this is the one with the world we want people to understand what's really happening in casks. it's nice to be looking for leading index finished down. still it's
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futuristic ctv news lifted the mosques into his image the golden ticket into mining town and bailey tent in the midst of its existence his name during study time in nineteen ninety seven. he began painting. it's been a stunner shrine to st to its population has to cost money between the state this in due time. it's the ending is crowded than usual sections ranging from the presidential national competition to which does not let today be the sake of the units had to call it a bit past the nine yes. it's gonna stay tuned will even kids can learn even more interesting is the list of peace and harmony and inspirational. you need is chilling and loathing and architect norman foster. so if it is being done enough to buy the new fancy tea named on statistics don't stand a good president. no such number guy and he's ruled the country since independence. incidentally the best teams in one
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thousand nine hundred and ten students paying nothing for their education. the language of instruction in all the government is to prepare him to compete in the testing to read. the church in the center is to meet her teacher institute. jerry and transparent and that elisha hundred and fifteen inches high and the visionary enough to contend with the two stadiums. second was opened in two thousand and ten continual grayson county candidate but didn't know that by the decision of the country. keating said ukraine turkey and jordan and read it and he even gave a concert to be a case in an upscale shopping experience he is made even more memorable. the beer bellied around the concept is monitoring a visit to the sky they painted on them will seek the truth. this is just a six thousand times the faulty donates to spend the entire day is tropical resort which has come face to face too many and even saw him pull it from them within
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each moment he needed he would eat at the gym maintained that deeply sale since eighteen sixty three fahrenheit. people in his mind is faulty and scientists the new sunday school to look into the sea. he says he's often this summer. for many shoppers can find african community mins into the kitty. the new school's needs and then on it's imported from far away i could do. astonishment the iconic statue is that like to make of today's encounter. among the beaches nineteen seventy two the city i used to treat tonight. it is also depicted in to read it. the tale is based on ancient celtic eight in december. then saturday golden on top of each be difficult to beat if he means to be different if he governs. if it is combined in debate as to the top of this month and a monument which is nothing if they too would like to change colors every few seconds. in the ceiling
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is done is to be done until the constantine family and guests. still it's nice to host three percent of what it would freeze dance. in september in the sketch and peter and the blokes in the article appeared outside the bbc began production ltd said today. beginning the next two to twenty six thousand barrels a day a bit silly. daily production of cats again. the celtic in the caspian sea. one could find knew that. making the six ton of dough boy next door to the idea. the new human history in the eighteen new place to seat you to tap the construction cranes dot the skyline i knew that once he peeked into town on the shelves at the caspian the kids companies like it's just not an lp admit that when contacted today nice abt conglomerate mayne this boy tight security at genoa town after the tests done. many now working on the chilly until ten pm the company
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headquarters in town as dos attacks but quiet shifted to win. then today went to bpp the bond issue to its markets to complete that about fifty miles the room cheered on stilts and fifty single school in the future. they didn't come to that. we'll touch on spook or color they called it in years he should cause us to move the ball on to be exposed to go to formula. the students and the non cash again. among the attendees and catching the fields to piece it really amounts to sixty percent by twenty twenty. make your cheeks and one of the bulge top ten quilting she says judge president he would never have been imaginable and is a good home sits on top. as with canadian invested. being apart of such and being prayed for him and to politics and economic policies withdrawn from moscow and becoming
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independent financing solutions. like something totally different level of interaction us without such an awesome son has benefited incredibly sensitive and it is getting so tall and political system and develop your own economy and to help build relations with the outside world. multiplex the kenyan densities and kate eight. it's just it's dumb to not use the tee. it's like an end to the cultural capital during the soviet era it was named the mountain. and until nineteen ninety six and it was all said the country's capital. monte produce green competition a kept man teams in the distance. dictation and uphold both history and additives. it is important to them. it's also filled with communist institutes of the old ussr. chief among them is enough. named to the twenty eight summit in seven out of the infantry
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units. the doubling of striking tanks during world war two. and it extends pastry to fit into. eighteen nineteen and seven. i made entirely out of it. stunned and fifty six need to tie it to sink which the orthodox christians. the present twenty six percent of its own population. a stint in eighteen sixteen. you don't have to start all adults christians this tax has been a problem with these and really did have a problem with communism a game of one of the seventy six loss to the police said. peggy was hoping it is a decent it's a huge force. the bus commuter will upload in this global posted by genius they just go with it. janet dean wasn't counting on sunscreen which team i am not all the guests and not a scientist with more than a hundred of them in and winning the state and around the well in the same time the offense is the conquest of the days of wealth the traditionally the teens in this town. the most
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intense enough that i have managed to keep islamic fundamentalism and religious extremists in inti i bought from a two piece autonomy and field team. soul this is used in the woods he didn't. his stomach. it's been a little slow. getting sick again. but the screws that were the experts. the economic city. chan and a government agency to the beach defense don has more than a hundred and fourteen and the clips cook when she saw me into taking dundalk and multi country to stand on important means of bringing people together. you really didn't
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get to a sea of you know what it is on tv. if you live or what the dentist is yes ditto for bo. that was the seventies when it's not good at bats. his absence. i was talking to you. the muted do a post it gets up to now the new york and uses it to death. google it. here are a bow and a game of the beastie yeltsin has us. it may be the nastiest to get a new recipe to get both the defence which was almost more good news. instinctively knew it was basically the goodness. confusing. his notable what sick of sodium must admit it but t mobile zones. instead it's a bit too much to post his is an awesome couple more sets up about it was expected to sell records the changes as it sounds seventeen eighteen and
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the contents of my sins the consequences is that having been prone to central asia. i've seen the eighth century. all are. because it's a predominant also means infection at the school was optimistic the tea into the next three games and contests. during the real news of communism. sofia tells the weighty suppress dissenting religious practices as well as kazakh national identity. since independence. islam has enjoyed a week at camp. i just read on and tell him to sit still and it's a strictly secular state. the situation country whose constitution does not shine as best i can still use them the bridge approaches and i didn't even own the region today since it flattering. still in his hand to an estimated forty thousand genes according to guests that come in the country to sway people in chief rabbi to stay till the day. in two thousand in
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full sunshine ages not just any updates which are of the single greatest honor by president of the finance and jewish leaders from the ground alone. when someone comes to be a few words of this type of kazakhstan space also comparing everything to listen to the news all this time see me gets mixed into that old saying about this and i was also i'm very afraid when i came here when i saw with my eyes something different. in the chilly to cast stones teens beside an optimist on the genome of tea one of the main thing is great in that city's sprawling symmetry to the police id checks nice other than a typical to read the new deal the six nation was tortured by stunning and to catch it's done. reheat the nineteen ninety four teeth pulled. but today he seems to me on my studies in almaty ctc and everything from coach of the hebrew language studies on making a comeback as casting seems to be reconnected every test. i
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like the case in most of the phone was a hit with copics. anti semitism any tasty. i walked the streets in kazakhstan reduces wonderful and i know he wants to look like something no good words about jewels. all of our community. and i'm proud. and thank god that i'm in kazakhstan the really cheesy. it remains to be innocent. the remaining day of the hijackers might be expected in countries with vigilante. but take up knitting patterns. i didn't look as if it easy. we just
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need to leave it to music the capacity to lay down but any other country who tries to offer. and political systems. it was a lot started it. some faced lots of options fundamental political economy. it inevitably does. of course but it seems. the ice during the cold. to me. i come to tests of atomic weapons. bt it will be spent and from all the time in six weeks. that is of great games we've been on the children's sake. today brings the best effects in the jet age
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that's all that cheese and light weight easy for them mind you i can walk without getting into it. in that time and time of independence we inherit that are new but arsenal from the soviet union was fourth largest in the world at that time. and i believe that we have set up for important example for the rest of the world like giving up the nuclear arsenal voluntarily. ah we're grateful to our partners to russia and the united states i helped us both financially and technically and in getting treats. all this on my plate this week. nothing during the heat and set to announce the extent of the ensemble. how was i kidding. she helps a batch of them. i mean ultimo will mind i should find a country that takes me hours in the town of announcement at an advantage and the city was ninety eight he needed to get them to die. generations of mismanagement by saying it continues. gold also divested
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to take this to be around the result was a logical catastrophe. additionally they carry it like ninety percent. it's funny not to fight to change its nineteen sixty. the film might be too cheesy coming to get the munchies connectedness to the discussion about them and will serve as a run of disaster salinity levels within the overall student skyrocketed. environmentally speaking of course this means that. all the various them no other species. but that's been destroyed. declines in sufficient numbers. so certainly this is an problem and we also can't say that that would be in recession of the city has also been no legal investigation. go to deserts. the entire desert landscape has replaced where much of this he was. but
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the ac in the end. thanks to two hundred and fifty million dollars project. the link above. and that seemed to never send them to build fifty thousand in the night by the end of this. the ita just a guy in all but now she still twenty km away from the town of announced that revealed a complex system of locks and dams. she should return to the aisle. and today sticky labels and back down to fourteen grams at least not often the nineteen sixty. most recently in two thousand eleven was part of the international expedition out there. we went around the entire northern autopsy talk to folks and some of these very remote villages some of which have been to only recently got electricity because of the line. we also notice the first full people were were continually. using
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these terms all. optimism the others there's a general the positive outlook for the future which i don't think it is. as has been the case from your hotel stay for a long time. image based and janelle. we of course is that there will be able to see the sea on our own. so we created an international c p r l funds. we happened by the world bank and to individual countries to help us with something that is a challenge. i'm happy to say today that elsie is slowly returning back to its original boundaries. mm me the recession and economic dependence on oil and gas even the pentagon is to help and yes the recovery project it originated from reading so so pretty. google's targeted brands such as green
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nissan intercontinental obey the patient in cities like el monte passed on that night aniston. the six thousand yen. it's all made to destinations for an impressive domestically. but el monte. the starter on such a fun modern sophisticated international air routes that connect months to make essex town to ghana and the five rings. in fact to sit still and geographic location was intense. the tanning am to be the difference. my soon to be known for selling its one point he can steam is to be of course it's the challenge is sandwiched between two giants are. webber at the same time we liked looking at it as an author prussia pa is one of fall creek state park. it is a growing economy has grown pollen count on you know that it's always easier to live with a strong rebuke for the week to week. because neighbors had some sort of a
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problem. you know that something good by to see a problem for us. the same time china is also blooming friday the house to ambition to become of their chocolate the biggest economy in the world. he added. it's an old american regional director of passion is and that the government's anti aimed at bringing the needed foreign investment and killed because it's done. with age is still breech and six hundred others have mom. our agent financial experts were terry is effective investment and economic. i diversify and national acorn and spirit promoting domestic expert. i'm checking with their investments and needs to diversify its that literally spilling gas based economy. the cars on the nectar sources will not last long though. christians more than fifty percent of the six dollars gdp he is and she danced. it cheers me to start liking them attracting investment and twelve of the sentence. these include
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the content. she knew me and auntie ah miss it. the ghost address based tourism and nineteen sixty eight incidentally. don't be stupid cause i got the straight yet to become the world's top producer of your name to you and you get out. one has its own fifth minute school shopping toy to be another call it quits that and it was always friendly snake clean vodka distilled of truth in the northwest to succeed at that time gone. and yes i'm going to meet its commitments and twenty. the sunday show and the detectives from organically. sunscreen or two from the foothills of the candidates. telco is also used to be in focus finds that distance and pace that effect in the region to meet at the top that up to six hundred block of cheese fifty thousand bottles of vodka that day. she couldn't do what i mean it is a pocket pair mom. that was present at
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school to count in the two percent of production. about how the basic storage and transport is like trying to pressure with another forty percent of great britain the remaining ten percent to nineteen states. it is duly stamped his life is nice d backs and technology. they return in german and american companies are also involved in the manufacturing base the second thanks must be doing something right. in april two thousand and seven the magazine. i named it the best april vodka and the following is the invisible good time was comprised of two thousand and eight seven six blokes to its competition. in the states essex on height of stupidity and geographic expansion these expos to the benefit of all its citizens. and i started sketching farewell these persons political
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stability and economic terms and their four hours hopefully the market. and gdp per capita. i asked him to cease to chase it still sounds of having to battle their location. it's one of the benefits of going there since we are reportedly strain into chilled to the kids. a customs union stretch and daughters. i still am. from our tickets you people. peace is a bit of what investments. they can become law. it's actually a smart kid. i do. still a season each challenging government officials admit that building a new democracy itself lacking patriots. not that i can stamp it on to say the student fontaine. in just
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seventy thousandand sixty six dollars at a reduced twenty eight democrats and independents. the again melbourne the state age seventeen. national expectation. he's in a speech at a meeting between two to three million people expected to come back to the capital city. makan time and they didn't snap and tubes tied how could any foolish idea to update. meanwhile it's done is doing. one can detect when tony is getting americans. negotiations are underway to reduce the statistics. dined at least twenty countries the motel six dollars and fifteen nineteen states the house. up until he's sixty years old like men tuesday. lightning. it is just getting to a traditional pastimes like saying an eagle hunting. we've recently caught up in and asked them how to catch it and it's
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the in washington. i'm not sure why and fifty in september two thousand and eight. during that visit. had to stay. he did just that you have to get money and stalling on him instead. thus when the midst of a ninety six dollars of its history the standing committee on economic ministry and agency of the united states. united states. it stinks. imo. it has been building. waitara bridging the divide is that it's on many issues of regional got to do tonight he is off on its ear it's not like the little one someone. are we talked about the students but something
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about the products of our country. i'm sceptical. just twenty two years old took up the kitchen sink stamps. and the united states the age of six counts to be the best choice for american corporations and small thinking of investing to santa and santa. what osama is interesting all of us that of a sitcom. because of the week. it's impossible not only looks for testing i use to call my hands sometimes we invest our souls switch off with interest as it so we are waiting for investments would like to see us come out the area. in essence both went to best buy so we're looking forward to the us investments. the u s companies to come blog like
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what is you would like to help. don't ask. do the eye in . the e. you win. see
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the house. you knew you knew who will rule the books are like the sky. the heart of your youth. ch. what's it like a water shortage intercontinental ahmadi chess. sponsored by snow queen organic law. i want desse


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